How to get a 7-day trial

Please follow the steps below to start a 7-Day Playbook subscription trial:

A) How to start your 7-Day subscription trial (via Web)

  1. Go to

  1. Enter your email address and payment details, and click Start 7-Day FREE trial

  1. You have successfully started your 7-Day subscription trial. You can download the Playbook app here (Android or iOS) so you can get access to your subscription trial.

NOTE: Your subscription trial will automatically renew after 7 days and convert to your monthly/annually renewing subscription.

B) How to start your 7-Day subscription trial (via the App)

  1. Log in to the Playbook app with your email - Select Sign in with email

  1. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email inbox

  1. On the Discover section of your app, navigate to the Profile tab

  1. Select Subscribe to get all access under the No Plan section

  1. Select your desired plan and tap on Subscribe

NOTE: Each account can only utilize the 7-Day FREE Trial once.

In case your account has already used the 7-Day FREE Trial, you will be shown the following message when renewing your subscription via the Web ''TRIAL_ALREADY_USED''.

If you are shown this message, please contact us at

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